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Shaklee supplements can provide significant benefits over time to help make hair thicker and healthier. H
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Twice a day Nourishing scalp treatment and Shaklee Shampoo
 Taking  B Complex,Zinc GLA Complex  Vitalizing Protein  Vitalizer 
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Bcomplex Biotin

Biotin is found in Shaklee  B complex  Order here 
Biotin can help strong hair or nails (available in a good variety of nutrients powder) at about 200 mcg. By taking take additional 1,000-2,000 mcg a day to help hair and skin health. Biotin is used to produce keratin and overcome the problem of hair loss. It also controls the gray hair. B complex Shaklee contains 8 essential components of B vitamins, including 100% Biotin and Folic Acid. All 8 of these components should be there in the B complex for perfect effectiveness.


 Zinc to help the scalp hair to grow faster.

GLA Complex

Stabilize the hormones in the body.
Protein  at least 3 servings of their Shaklee 180 protein or  Energizing Soy Protein, also imperative for the health of your skin and hormones.

This slideshow shows one of my customers who lost her hair on the side of her head due to years of tight braids, weaves and tension. She was diagnosed with alopecia in 2007. She started using the Shaklee Vitalizer high potency vitamins in November 2012, then she started using Shaklee scalp treatment and shampoos in January of 2013. When she started taking the Shaklee 180 protein shake consistently in February plus the Vitalizer and shampoos and scalp treatment, she began to see a faster improvement in her hair restoration. The last picture was taken on May 29, 2013. So after years of having this bald spot and alopecia diagnosis, her hair loss was restored in 6 months by using these high potency vitamins and natural products. These products work for all hair types and on men too!

We've all heard that hair loss is often hereditary.  But I've always said "Just because something is hereditary, doesn't mean you're doomed!"  In my experience, the part that is hereditary is the difficulty in which you absorb certain nutrients from your food, which then causes you to be deficient, which in turn causes a symptom...such as "hair loss or thinning".  Its a known fact that stress can cause thinning hair and/or hair loss.  But why is that?  Because stress depletes the B vitamins in your body and that can lead to losing your hair at a more rapid rate than what's normal.  I've read that balding, which used to be more prevalent in men, is affecting more women, because more women today are a part of our stressful workforce, compared to even 50 years ago!  So it would make sense that this depletion would cause many of them to have the same symptom...thinning hair! 


Before Shaklee, I was losing my hair drastically!  It was so obvious when I showered.....I'd end up with handfuls of hair while I shampooed and there was always hair left in the drain.  Within about 2 months of taking Shaklee's multi-vitamin, Vita Lea and their B-Complex, my husband and I both noticed NO HAIR in the drain! To this day, its obvious when I'm depleted of my vitamins.  For instance when I go visit family in VA and I get out of my routine, missing my daily vitamins more than remembering them, it only takes 3-4 days of doing that and I'm abruptly reminded to get back in the habit....when I shower and my fingers get entwined with lose hair!  And I'm on vacation....for goodness sakes....its not even like I'm stressed!  Just goes to show how depleted our food is of B vitamins, in general!
A good friend of mine, in her late sixties was losing hair pretty drastically for years, to the point you could see her scalp through her teased hairdo.  Anyway, she came down with Shingles a few years ago, (might do a separate blog on that!) and after researching it for her, she decided to work on keeping her skin and the nerves in her skin as healthy as possible to avoid damage to the nerves which can cause future issues of skin sensitivity, etc. which is so common once you've had Shingles.  Don't recall her exact regimen, but I do remember that it included taking about 8-10 of Shaklee's B-Complex a day (very important for nerve health), split up 2 at a time throughout the day, and also at least 3 servings of their Energizing Soy Protein, also imperative for the health of your skin.  She followed this regimen for about a month.  Not only did she heal up very quickly, with very little pain after the first couple/three days, but she also experienced a wonderful side-benefit:  a thicker and fuller head of hair!  Neither one of us expected this to happen and I saw her almost every day during that month, as I was helping her apply cream to the shingles, so I didn't notice it.  But many people at her church and and even my husband who saw her shortly after the month was over, commented on how much thicker her hair looked!  That's one of my favorite things about taking Shaklee supplements....the unexpected side-BENEFITS!  I talk about that more in a previous blog!
So...here she was taking the extra Shaklee supplements for one thing, which worked very well (she's had no sensitive skin or other related issues since then), and on top of that....she experienced a thicker head of hair!  Both Shaklee's B-Complex and their protein are very well-known for this, but it takes more per day than just 2 B's and one protein shake to really make a difference.  Shaklee also has wonderful hair care system, called ProSante, that has been proven to be effective for thinning hair, etc. 
I started on Shaklee's Energizing Soy Protein within a few months of changing brands and my husband and I both noticed how much softer my hair became....I no longer had such course "witch hazel hair"!  That's what he use to call it when it would tickle his face while we snuggled at night!  LOL
So if you're struggling with thinning hair....I encourage you to not simply chalk it up to "it's hereditary".... why not give a few of these products a try!  A good program would be the Vita Lea (which comes in "With Iron" and "Without"....most men would use the "without" version), the B-Complex, the Energizing Soy Protein, and if not the whole ProSante Hair Care System, at least the Revitalizing Shampoo (meant for more daily use), and one of the conditioners (I, personally, prefer the Replenishing Conditioner, cuz it leaves my hair feeling REALLY conditioned), and the Scalp Treatment! 
Vitalea - with Iron Formula 
Optimize the overall nutritional 
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