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Improve Your Memory, Be Focused, Be Yourself,

Moody Stress Tired work has to be done 

Take 2 Mindwork tablets between 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm 

MindWorks is a revolutionary program that provides nutritional support + brain training software. 

Take 1-2 Tablets a day

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The Science Behind MindWorks

Shaklee’s research and product development teams worked for almost five years to create the perfect vitamins for the brain called MindWorks, led by Dr. Laurel Fisher, an MIT trained neuroscientist. They created the perfect Vitamins for the brain to support long term cognitive health after several studies, including a two-year study of 223 adults with mild cognitive impairment.

good Vitamins for brain healthMind Works studies and test show key ingredients:

(1) Aid in the process of strengthening our neural connections. In turn, this helps improve mental sharpness, reaction time, and focus 3X better than the control group.*

(Vitamins for the brain2) Protect against age-related mental decline by reducing the brain shrinkage rate by 30% over two years and effectively crossing the blood-brain barrier with B vitamins.*

Vitamins for brain function(3) Promote healthy blood circulation with Chardonnay grape seed extract guarana. It’s a polyphenol blend made with a patent pending extraction process that concentrates specific polyphenols that impact healthy blood vessel function.**


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


MindWorks key nutrients have been shown in three clinical studies and dozens of laboratory studies to immediately enhance mental sharpness and focus and protect against age-related mental decline.* 

Shaklee Mindworks is the new formula for a incrased 30% memory and reduce brain shrinkage. 

Are you having problems concentrating or remembering things?  Is your mind often racing?  Do you often feel fatigued and unfocused? Then, you would benefit greatly from Shaklee’s NEW MindWorks! You will feel the immediate cognitive improvement and at only one tablet a day, this supplement is by far the easiest to add to your natural nutrition daily regimen.

 Mindworks to help with your brain health



Testimony from Deb Villarese about her mom

My 85 year old Mom didn’t think MindWorks was really doing anything, so when her FIRST bottle ran out,

she didn’t order another.

She had such a steady, and slow improvement, than when the effects wore off, she noted that she MUST

have had some results because now she noticed that only a week ago......

* she could remember WHY she walked into a room

* she could come up with names of people in a group setting when it usually took all 4 of them

*she noticed that her dreaming was more vivid and she “thought” she was sleeping better

“Maybe that MindWorks is working, better get me another one, I don’t think I want be without it.” 



Enhance mental sharpness and support long-term brain health