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How to rid your body of parasites

Start 2 tablets of  Herb lax pm after a week increase to 3 tablets pm ,

 2 OptiFlora pm,

2  Garlic pm .
2 Nutriferon  pm 
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Since parasites flourish on sugar, it is important to eliminate this parasite promoter and immune suppresser in all forms from your diet. This includes excessive fruit and fruit juices. The exceptions are cranberries, small amounts of fresh pineapple and fresh papaya which contain anti-parasitic enzymes. Eat figs and pumpkin seeds. 

This can be combined with black walnuts. When a person is afflicted with worms, the body's supply of all nutrients is depleted to the point that supplementation of all nutrients is necessary to restore normal health. Nutrients of special importance are Vitamin A, the B complex, especially Thiamin, Riboflavin, B6, B12, and Pantothenic Acid; Vitamins C, D and K and Calcium, Iron and protein. 

Eat a diet high in fiber, primarily from raw vegetables and whole grains.  Eat garlic, onions, cabbage, and carrots. They contain natural sulphur which helps expel worms. As you might expect, worms do not like garlic. 

  • Make sure you are obtaining enough water. Drink only pure water (distilled).
  •  Give the children a teaspoon of raisins 2-5 times a day. Here are other precautionary measures which should be taken
  • Eat a nourishing diet, rich in vitamins and minerals. You need all the good nourishment you can get. The worms are robbing you of so much.
  • Make sure your children, if they have worms, are getting adequate nutrition.
  • Never eat watercress. It grows in streams, many of which are now polluted. Watercress, which is eaten raw as a salad, can have pinworms and tapeworms on it.
  • Do not eat raw or partly cooked fish, beef, or pork.
  • Wash vegetables thoroughly before eating them raw
  • Wash all underclothing, bed clothes, and sheets frequently in hot water.
  • Have all family members wash their hands frequently, especially after using the toilet, before meals, and bedtime. Do not bite nails.
  • Clean rooms frequently, especially bedrooms.Use Basic G from Shaklee .Basic G is good for   laundry every where  Sterilize toilet seats. The infected person should sleep alone.

Start 2 tablets of  Herb lax pm after a week increase to 3 tablets pm ,

  2 OptiFlora pm,

2  Garlic pm .

Nutriferon  pm