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Pre-Natal Nutrition Multi Vitamin Supplement  Prenatal  Care                                                                              
Pregnancy and Breastfeeding demands optimum nutrition for the health of both the mother-to-be and the developing child. 
Shaklee Prenatal recommended by doctors. Buy Prenatal 
What is the best multi vitamin prenatal
I can say I felt a difference with Shaklee Prenatal Supplements in the pregnancies I had more energy less tired and I know I givew the best nutrition for my baby.
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 These are the specific Shaklee's supplements that provide critical nutrients for every pregnant or Nursing woman.  
1.) Shaklee's Prenatal called VitaLea  2 a day 
2.) Shaklee Iron + C    1 a day 
3.) ShakleeB-Complex Folic acid Folate 2 am 2 noon 
4.) Shaklee's Calcium called Osteomatrix 
5.) high quality protein Vitalized Protein 1-2 times  a day
6. Vitamin D3  7. Omega guard  3 a day 
 Top rated prenatel multi vitamin supplement dotor recommends what best supplement pregnancy boochy  
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Breastfeeding Alfalfa take all vitamins listed above add 5 -10 or more  Alfalfa 2 times a day helps for milk supply for nursing mom If low in milk supply take 15 Alfalfa 3-4 times a day plus B complex 2 am 3 at 2:00 pm

 strengthen Uterus take Sustain Release Vitamin C  2 am 2-3 pm 

  After Baby Delivery take supplements recommended above as for prenatal 

Moody blues take Stress Relief Vitalmag 

B complex every 4 hours