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HEADACHES are Such a PAIN (literaly!) Have you seen the death rates from "properly" using NSAIDs - the typical first recourse for headache/migraine relief? Many people do not realize that over-the-counter (OTCs) drugs such as acetaminophens may be hard on your liver and ibuprofens may increase your risk of stroke! Perhaps there is a better way?

 Taking  these natural Supplements every day 

Vitalizer  , Vitalmag 3 am  ,Mindworks 2 tablets a day ,Protein  

Stress Releif Complex 1 am 2 noon Energy Chew 2 a day  

 After 2 months add one of these supplements if you still need improvement

Performance Due to Dehydration 



 Vita D3, 

Gla  (gamma-linolenic acid) 

Optiflora Probiotic 



  B complex

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Studies have shown that migraineurs have low brain magnesium during migraine attacks (1) and may also suffer from magnesium deficiency (2, 3). Furthermore, magnesium deficiency may play a particularly important role in menstrual migraine (4). Two controlled trials have shown that oral magnesium supplementation (taking in by mouth) is effective in headache prevention (5, 6). A third study (7) was negative, but this result has been attributed to the use of a poorly absorbed magnesium salt, as diarrhoea occurred in almost half of patients in the treatment group. In general, the published trials yielded mixed results, with favourable effects reported for acute treatment of patients with aura and possibly also menstrual migraine prevention. Magnesium’s efficacy may depend on a “high dose” supplementation (over 600mg) for a minimum of 3 to 4 months to achieve any benefit from preventative therapy.